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Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Hunt For Colleges And Universities Begins!!!Current Life

I started online but i did not open the frozen throne folder and start playing dota...very weird huh...what i did was started googling for my future uni n college that i was planning to pursue my studies in...but god damn it...i google for about 2hours bout almost all d uni n colleges available in KL but still cant make up my mind which one i wan...and my dad was like ''eh boy u choose which college ad anot,go and find 1 and i register for u'',evryday asking me d same question freak out...tension ah!!!!i planned to enter UTAR campus in Kampar,Perak but damn far lar wei...took 5hours to travel for malacca to there don't have any entertainment for u know im an outdoor freak...haha...And some more the course provided damn wide lar..cant make up my mind either...i was stunted and got fed up so i once again get back to my dota routine...yeah enjoying it..current life right now really great but just abit bored...i misses the days where i spend the whole day studying biology,physics,chemistry and etc...How i wish that all of my friends can still be together like how we used to in our class,playing(to be precise we play ROJAK),chatting and looking at girls..haha...all those days will now remain as a memories that will never be repeated...Hope that we can still be like that...And now im joblesss cant find a job la...every outlet in MP and DP just want a girl promoter or waiter..whats wrong with them!!???Hey we guys are attractive too hamsap mia those supervisors just wan everyday i was like wake up from the bed and sitting infront of the television thinking what i should do next...damn pek chek ahh!!!Nothing to do only every night go yam cha...siao!!spend money like water...haha..
*If anyone can recommend me any uni or colleges pls leave a comment..tqtq

Saturday, 29 November 2008

What I'm Gonna Do Now..

So the las enrty i posted was before spm i'm really glad to said that(to be exact it suppose to be shout,maklumlah im a polite guy..=P) SPM YOU ATE OUT OF MY LIFE!!!Total misearable 287days had finnaly ended it just flip of time...time flies~but really gonna mis my school that once i hated so see in this school it had taught me alot of things...and the experience there was really great...great friends,great environment,and EXPECIALLY the toilet ar i don't think there's a school in malacca can beat our school toilet...credits to MR.ONG CHHIAN PO...I think this will be the school that i will never forget(just infront of my house how can i forget it)...haha..lazy to type ad lar..nxt time jz talk more about it...playing dota now..haha

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Haiz..Its not a good day to start a day when my friends told me..Eh "xiao de" u wanna join DOTA TOURNAMENT(DT) or not???then i said ok lor cuz my fren chun wah told me that it gonna start on the 30th of nov..BuT holy creeps my EA buddies that call me to join it said it gonna start on 31st of OCT..u get wat i MEANT???it means nxt week thursday..And i was so freakign stunned cause i CANT JOIN IT....WHY???tell me WHY???HUrt my Feelings damn deep man cause cant join it...even more hurtful than breakups..i cant accept the truth..Dota my Life.!!!!somebody save me!!!!Haiz boh bian ad...SPM more after spm just find other tournamens to join lor...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


SO in my previous blog i told that im gonna study..yeah im studying alright..thx to my buddy wei liang for influenced me to play DOTA today...I tried not to play..i SWEAR i SWEAR...but too bad lar i cant resist what to do??Play with them lor...But know wthat it took us almost half an hour to enter a single room in Garena to join the room created by wei liang...damn sucks here's come the countdown before the game start...5....4....3....2....1...0....n it written TEXXAUZ HAD LEFT THE GAME..And i was like what the heck is going on man??i wasted half an hour entering the game and now it tell me i left the we tried another game....this time we are quite "successfull"...3ominutes during the game there are 2 leavers leaving the ..totally RUINED the game...SUCKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so i got fed up and now i ended up blogging about it...>.<....Lately my friends asked me wether wanna join a DOTA tournament in Dp on 30th NOV...but haiz cant join dude..damn time to practice...T.T...I know u all can't win without me..wakakaka..jkjk...But i try to join it lar...cuz IM ADDICTED to DOTA...WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha...

Monday, 20 October 2008


Phewww...damn tired man..everyday i had been programmed to STUDY, STUDY AND STUDY..even i dunwan 2 study my mind had already set it..i cant help it man...WTH spm is just around the corner..another 21days left for me 2 prepare my weapons before facing the war(SPM)..=.=...And i like feelings...What had got into me???arggghh!!!Mybe its important to my friends that plan to enter form 6 ..but luckily im nt going to form6 so its not that important to me..hehehe..Haiz this week still need to revise for chemistry form5..200+++pages man..1week jz can finish damn bored...after that need to revise for my history summore..piece of cake huh...>.<...Opps i almost forgetten about moral...36values need to be memorize rawly man...damn stupid man...i wasted 1days for last month trial memorizing d value n holy shit when i enter the hall and sit for the test i and i was like...HUH whats the definition again for that value???luckily my friend ANdy was ther to give a helping hand to me...haha...helping huh??mybe im killing myself..haha...Haiz need to memorize it really no mood siol..damn bored u know...i rather revise for biology..damn much for now..gtg tuition(physics) man...

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Souless Heart.=/

IS it reli hard 2 love somebody tat u like???i duno?evrytime we watch a movie or a drama in the end it sure promise us with a happy ending where the person they like can be with each other.but does it really happens in reality?The answers maybe yes and maybe for me i believe if sumone is sincere enough one day all his afford may paid off..but in some cases in will not happened,although he tried vry hard and neglecting all his passion jz to be with her..although i may be playing a small part in her memories and her heart but to me she plays an important role in my routine and me life..i will do anything to fullfill her needs as long she's happy...all i wan in return is not for her to be with me in the end but just a smile in her face is already enough to lighten up d sparks in my heart..but im afraid that evrything i do will keep her further apart from me...since she appear in my life she had been my main priority, evryting that i done will be she-come-first..with the hope that she will remember me in the future...sometimes when she din reply my text messages all sorts of thinking will implanted in my mind...a part of me will keep on asking questions such thatt am i annoying to her?,is she avoiding me?,or does she hates me?...sometimes i even waited hours for her messages by looking and looking at my cell every seconds, minutes and hours...i know that it will not bear any fruit although i had done so much..i tried to forget her but part of me betrayed me by telling me to keep on going and try till the end...haiz..SPM is jz another 37days but i keep on thinking of her..sometimes the mood to study will also leave me...AM I DOING WHAT IS RIGHT?I DONT KNOW BUT I WILL TRY TO TOUCHED HER HEART WHEN THE DAY APPEAR


HI..This is my first blog let me introduce abit bout my 17 dis year...Life sucks at 17 in malaysia(cuz of spm)...u guys can call me as jiv if u wan..but i have damn lots of nick's created by my so-called-frens..=.=!!..wanna noe wat is it??quite funny actually n damn,small chocalate(cuz of my skin tone) ders a short intro bout me...